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Tim O'Rourke
Brilliant Beer goes Free

It's with great pleasure that the Brilliant Beer Co announces that all course are now being offered for free to everyone!

It has been a privilege to provide over 40 years of Education for brewers principally as an accredited trainer for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) and now I would like to give something more back by sharing my information freely with anyone interested in improving their brewing knowledge or preparing for brewing exams such as MSc, Cicerone and on line training

I first started my website in 2002 principally to augment training courses so students could have access to bespoke learning material. S


Tim O'Rourke

Timothy (Tim) O’Rourke is a Master Brewer with over 40 years’ experience. He as been involved in the international brewing industry in a wide range of capacities; his expertise covers product and business development, marketing and promotion.

For the past 18 years, Tim has run The Brilliant Beer Company, a Technical Training & Brewing Consultancy, providing technical support and training for breweries. International clients include Heineken, Coors, Carlsberg, AB Inbev, Diageo as well as smaller craft brewers throughout the world.


I am offering my current material which I will slowly revise and develop over the next few years along with help from other Brewers and Brewery Suppliers, and I will also provide a library of published articles to provide additional background reading.

As well as updating the technical information I am also following two research areas one into historic and traditional brewing and the other looking at the environmental impact of brewing and ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and progress in these areas will be posted on the website.

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